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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Building Coalition in the Sacramento Filipino American Community

Presidents from several Filipino American organizations in the Sacramento area got together today, in hopes of building coalition among themselves. There has long been a reputation that the Filipino American community is fractured--over class differences, regional differences, generation differences, etc. While this may be present among every different group, communities like the African American community, the Chicano American community, the Chinese American community, and the Japanese American community have built political, social, and economic forces that throw their weight around those spheres.

While these communities have faced different challenges, there are commonalities among all of them. Each community dealt with their challenges in different ways, as well as in similar ways.

I personally believe that the Filipino American community has the resources to get to comparable positions, but that there has not been one issue for it to rally around, or one leader that they have all followed.

Is the Filipino American community in a position where it realizes its true potential?

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